Ego QV Kids Moisturising Cream

Ego QV Kids Moisturising Cream

It has been awhile, but a lot has happened and Hudson has had it tough dealing with eczema as you know. We have used a variety of skincare moisturisers and washes, as well as a few different techniques to ease his itchy, red, and broken skin. There have been successes in using the products we have featured on this blog and while they have worked temporarily, Hudson’s skin had other plans. Continue reading


MooGoo Milk Wash & Scalp Cream

MooGoo Milk Wash & Scalp Cream | Review

There are so many more products to use to help control infant eczema. I truly recommend using MooGoo skincare that is also perfect for the rest of the family. If I had not been able to try these lovely products for my son, I am sure we would have continued to use steroid creams and cleansers that contained cheap and harsh ingredients, which could have made his skin condition worse off now. Let’s take a look at two important products that really helped to ease with Hudson’s skin problems.  Continue reading

MooGoo Soothing MSM Cream and Eczema & Psoriasis Cream

MooGoo Soothing MSM Cream and Eczema & Psoriasis Cream | Review

We’re always researching for great skincare to use on Hudson, especially when he’s experiencing skin issues like eczema. He’s been prescribed a steroid cream, which I’m not completely fond about using on him, but at the time it did help to dry out his outbreak of eczema, as well as reduced the redness on his skin.  Continue reading